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Are you looking for a reputable driveway paver contractor in the Orlando, FL area?  If you want ICPI certified paver installation, competitive pricing, and personalized service from a locally owned and operated brick paver company, then look no further than Brick Pavers Of Orlando, Inc.

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What Types Of Paver Driveways Do You Install In Orlando?

We offer several types of driveway services here in Central Florida.  Many customers are just not satisfied with the way their concrete driveway looks after they’ve done other upgrades to their home.  In this case, there are several options we can suggest.  To start, these least costly option is to leave the existing concrete driveway in place, and save money on the demolition costs. There are many options of thin pavers that can be installed directly over the existing concrete driveway. The only issues to look out for are, garage door clearance, slope/drainage, and street curbing. With a variety of finishes, and a strong existing concrete driveway, you can change the look of your home quickly and easily with thin driveway pavers. Choose from natural stone finishes, travertine like colors, and traditional red brick paver designs.

The second, and most resource intensive, is to demo the entire concrete driveway and bring in crushed granite base for thick brick paver driveways. This is the option most customers want, as it gives complete flexibility, and everything can be re-leveled for optimal drainage to deal with the heavy summer rains here in Florida. This option is a little bit more costly, but in the end the finish product is completely flexible to incorporated paver walkways that can lead to the front door, or extensions on the side of the home leading through a fenced area.

Third, we can’t forget about decorative stamped concrete driveways, which create a unique look not limited to any building material. We can mimic natural stone look without the extra cost, conform to any shape or size, and incorporate paver curbing/landscape curbing built right into the forms.


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