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Warning: Don’t Hire An Orlando Web Design Company Before Answering These 5 Questions…

There are two kinds of web design companies here in Orlando: artists and marketers.  An artist will make your site look pretty… but won’t use the proper marketing techniques to get you new customers through your website.  And this could lead you to bankruptcy.

On the other hand, a web design company with a marketer’s touch can lead you to wealth by making sure your site get’s found, persuades visitors to take action, and brings in new customers.  That’s what we do.

Here are 5 questions that any potential web design company should be able to answer before you hire them

1)  What’s the difference between a website that gets people to contact you… and one that doesn’t?  A site that gets people to contact you is built with the desired action of the visitor in mind.  If each visitor becomes a customer by calling, then the goal of the site is to persuade them to dial your number.

2)  Which side of the page should a contact form be placed, left or right?  Knowing this makes 110% difference in the number of forms filled in throughout multiple split tests we’ve run.  Since some people are left brain thinkers and others right brain thinkers… the only TRUE way to tell is to run a split test.

3)  Which call to action gets more sales: Buy Now or Add to Cart?  Any good web designer will know this, because using an “Add to Cart” button will typically increase your sales by 25% or more.

4)  Which color combo has been proven more effective on a call to action button: green and orange or blue and orange?  Blue and orange, by far, increased response the most.  Again, a web design firm that’s steeped in direct response marketing will know this… and it’s why they’ll help you increase your sales instead of ending up with another brochure online that doesn’t bring in new customers.

5)  Should you use a stock image or a real person’s photo on your site?  Using a real persons photo made a 34.7% increase in response for a debt relief company.  Again, it pays to use a web design company that has tested direct response principles like these.

The truth is, most web design companies have no idea what direct response marketing is, so they just rely on art and creativity to make your site “pretty.”  But pretty doesn’t sell, you have to get found by your new customers and persuade them to take action… and this is what leads them to call, email, or make a purchase.

Web design and marketing servicces from Weblando use principles of direct response in our design services.  This will help you increase traffic, salkes, and profits.

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