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Project Overview

A private client (whose owner requested to remain anonymous) came to us with a dire need to book more clients. Hundreds per month on newspaper and magazine ads just wasn't cutting it any longer.

They were frustrated with ever decreasing estimate appointments, not to mention ZERO tracking methods provided by their advertising firm. This meant they'd been paying for magazine ads for over a year, but had no idea what impact it had on their business.

Our job was simple: get the phone ringing, ASAP. An inadequate amount of inbound leads made it difficult to fill their pipeline with appointments and estimates. It just so happens we specialize in helping local service businesses stay booked solid using the internet!

Our Solution

We began by doing an analysis of their industry, and found that over 140 people in Central Florida were searching for brick paver services every month. (none of which were finding them, at all)

We acquired a top tier keyword domain from auction, built them a search optimized site, ranked them for their keywords, and implemented call tracking on all media/advertising managed by Weblando.

Next was expanded brand representation. We created a web presence for sister companies/services of brick pavers to capture more market share and allow Brick Pavers Orlando to dominate the space

  • Saved Money
  • Instant Increase In leads
  • Expanded Web Presence
  • Call tracking
  • Effective Marketing System

In less than 3 months, call volume was increased 400%. Wasted advertising dollars were cut completely, and call tracking implemented on all media. Now they have a reliable system in place, can track inbound leads properly, and know exactly where to spend their ad budget.

The bottom line is an increase in sales which nearly doubled their annual numbers, first quarter 2012.

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