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Web Design / Branding
Project Overview

Outdoor Transformations was so pleased with our service the first go around, they rehired us when it was time to form a second company.

Essentially they just wanted to duplicate what we accomplished for their outdoor living company, although entering the commercial construction field presents new requirements and challenges.

Our Solution

We mimicked their original site design at their request, and spiced things up with new project photos from recent projects.

They now have a gorgeous website to represent their business, one that is easily upgradeable and ranks for their favored keywords and brand. Their customers are delighted, and continuously give compliments about their website compared to the competition.

  • Beautiful Website Showcasing Their Talent
  • Improved Web Presense
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Increase In Leads/Sales
  • Support They Can Rely On

Most importantly, Custom Building And Remodeling Group incorporated a web presence to give them the ability to capture leads and close multiple projects they would have otherwise missed out on.

Client Feedback

Randy Fish - Owner

We would like to take a moment to discuss our experience with Matt Justice.

We have contacted numerous marketing companies in the past and have been extremely frustrated with their approach. Every company made us feel like the only important factor was how much they could charge us, very little room for our input and absolutely made us feel like they where way smarter than us and in no way could they explain the complex systems within web sites and marketing. Our company stumbled upon Matt Justice and what a refreshing approach that he presented to us. He structures what is needed and takes the time to discuss exactly to expect. We never felt belittled in any way and were kept informed every step of the way.

Matt has taken a poor preforming web site that we had previously, changed the structure and we received leads instantly. We had Matt create a second site for our company and we are trilled with the results. We are very glad that we met Matt and developed the working relationship with him. We know that our company will continue to grow and succeed with his help. Our company refers very few individuals but we would refer Matt with no hesitation.

The Team of Outdoor Transformations LLC.

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