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Project Overview

The Elect Mcginnis Campaign group new their current website was going to help them win any votes, so we quickly facilitated a redesign to help with their campaign. The lack of social integration was hindering their direct mail performance, as return visitors weren't interacting for extended periods of time.

We needed to give them a new look, incorporate their social media so everything was tied together, and do it FAST! With only 29 days left in their election, we turned their project around in under 72 hours flat!

Our Solution

We scrapped the old design completely, and provided a fresh new look that is more political oriented. We synced up all their social media, including importing their latest Facebook posts and videos automatically. We added a blog/news section so adding new events or updates is easy peasy.

Additionally, very light on site optimization (on-site SEO) was performed so they would now rank for their campaign name. Image tweaks and a calendar event system was also added for coordinating upcoming speeches/meeting for the campaign.

  • Vastly Improved Look & Feel
  • Social Media Automation
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Increased User Interaction
  • Support They Can Rely On

All in all, the difference is night and day. We hope this contributes to a winning election! GO ADAM!

Awaiting Client Feedback

Adam McGinnis - Running for Orange County Judge

Matt Justice.

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