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Weblando Introduces Free Mobile Compatibility Check Up On Yahoo!

Weblando Yahoo NewsMost companies see their website as a fundamental channel to attract potential customers but remarkably, this vital connection may not even be reaching the target audience. As the world switches from paper to digital advertising, advances in mobile technology mean that the average consumer has access to the internet at their fingertips, whenever and wherever they may be.

Businesses have been smart in making more and more services available online, however what they often don’t realize is what works well on a computer may not appear clearly on a mobile phone browser. Consumers who have plenty of available options, will be quick to move on to the next best business if they can’t access the first one on their mobile.Weblando Mobile Website Checkup

Weblando aims to take companies’ websites to the next level by optimizing their internet advertising strategy as well as ensuring that sites are web-friendly to maximize consumer traffic. With the introduction of their free mobile website compatibility check up, businesses can check to see whether their website will attract or deter potential customers and can thus take action accordingly.

Owner Matt Justice points out that simply because a website is pretty to look at, doesn’t mean it will function well for the customer; “With everyone using smart phones these days, most local businesses are losing out on a lot of business because mobile devices and tablets do not support flash.” The mobile compatibility check up is a first step for businesses to see whether their website appears how they want it to or not on a mobile device.

Is It Worth It for Small Businesses to Spend More on Internet Advertising?

In short, yes. Companies often do not see the full picture when it comes to internet advertising. Most feel that if their website is user friendly and contains enough information on their products and services, spending extra is an unnecessary expenditure. Weblando shows that by putting money into this channel, a business can significantly increase its exposure and therefore its revenue. With many years of experience in the online marketing world as well as ties to some of the top online sellers, Matt Justice proves that with the right tools, any ordinary website can be turned into a marketing powerhouse.


Based out of College Park, Orlando, Weblando has been helping Florida businesses to revamp their websites since 2008. From search engine optimization to mobile website design, Weblando focuses on helping businesses build a web presence to best reach their customers. With owner Matt Justice at the helm, Weblando provides small businesses with the same tools that major leaders in the industry are utilizing to create consumer traffic and drive sales. To learn more about Weblando and check out the services available be sure to visit their website at


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