Cheap Toll Free Number Solutions

Looking for an affordable toll free  800 number for your business? Don’t get taken for a ride by Comcast, AT&T, Vonage, etc… until you check out these 800 number providers I’ve been using for the past 5 years. They’re all virtual number providers, so there’s no waiting for anyone to come out and hook anything up, and best of all, they’re cheap at a cost of about $10 bucks per line. My favorite flexible business phone line provider is, with a close second being, and

I use the most when I want to setup a small business phone line that I can use with a smartphone app, or add an office desk voip phone later on if things start growing and I need it. With, you can only use your smartphone app, since they don’t offer telephone adapters… which is the only drawback if you plan on growing and need an office line added. But Grasshopper is perfect for a lot of small business owners who operate on the go… it’s amazing how many of us just need a cell phone these days, which Grasshopper is a perfect fit for.

Ring Central is the most robust of the group, but also the most expensive. I wanted to make sure and list them, even though they start at $25/mo for their office plan. For businesses with multiple locations, or those that need multi-line support, this is a great fit since they support softphone applications, mutliple hardware pieces, and can even tie it all together with virtual phone conferencing.

A lot of people also ask about Google Voice, and want to know if it’s a good alternative to using your cell phone for business calls. You can see here the pros and cons of using Google Voice for business, and check out these alternatives if you want a paid solution.